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The Visuo-Spatial Abilities Diagnosis (VSAD) project

The VSAD is a new battery dedicated to the assessment of visuo-spatial abilities, initially developed and validated with deaf/hard of hearing children with vestibular loss.

The battery is freely available on request.

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The COG-sleep battery.

BIOWIN funding for the creation and validation of a new smartphone-based neuropsychologival battery to measure cognitive effects of obstructive sleep apnea.

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The Neuropsychological Vertigo Inventory (NVI) project

The NVI is an international online questionnaire with automatic correction dedicated to the assessment of subjective cognitive and emotional complaints made by vestibular loss patients. 

The NVI is freely available online.

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Deep pose estimation algorithm.png

Deep Learning pose estimation Algorithm project

Collaborative interdisciplinary project between the sectors of human, technology and health sciences in order to use image processing and computer vision to predict vestibular deficits from body motion capture,


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