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The relationship of individuals with their environment is a highly complex process. It involves, among others, cognitive processes, personality, expectation, current emotional state and, of course, environmental events that may vary indefinitely.

While environmental perception is affected by sensorial pathologies, naturalistic environments can also contribute to the restoration of humans/patients quality of life.

In this research, we tried to assess which specificity of naturalistic environments can improve humans/patients cognition and contribute later to a better recovery.

For this transdisciplinary research, we collaborate with the Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning from UCLouvain (Prof. Maider Llaguno-Munitxa).


We explore the role played by urban green infrastructure design characteristics in citizen stress level reduction.


In other research, we investigate the role of environmental identity and connexion to nature on children visuospatial abilities in Belgium and Africa in collaboration with Prof. El Hadji Makhtar BA

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